Verbal and Emotional Abuse


  • Have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of  verbal abuse or an emotional outburst that appears to come out of nowhere and seems to make no sense?
  • Can you imagine living with this on a regular basis?
  • Perhaps you’re experiencing just that – and are trying to work out how to cope and what to do about it
  • Do you find yourself ‘walking on eggshells’ most of  the time, ‘tip-toeing around’ trying to avoid triggering conflict?
  • Have you tried rational discussion and found that it gets you nowhere, or even  exacerbates the situation?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever ‘get inside the head’ of someone you just can’t seem to figure out?
  • Does there appear to be no logic to their thinking, no reason for their moods, no sense to their outbursts and no satisfactory explanation for their behaviour?
  • Do you wonder if they are simply being over-emotional, hyper-sensitive, unreasonable, sarcastic or moody?
  • Or do you question whether it could be you who is causing the problem without realizing it?

Is it confusing you?

Is it getting you down?

Some verbal abuse is open to all; everyone around feeling the brunt of it. Often however it takes place ‘behind closed doors’ This is particularly difficult to deal with.  See next:

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